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This portfolio offers selected samples of web design, User Interface design, technical and conceptual illustration, interactive product demos, photography, instructional and marketing pieces, each representing just a fraction of a 20+ year career in graphic and fine arts.

It also features "new media" elements such as 3D rendering, QuickTime VR, animated GIF, Director, sound effects and other items used as features or navigation elements.

Note: Within each section, some samples will open to a new browser window or tab. When you are done with viewing that section, simply close that window.

The Web
From the early "browser wars" to the media-rich content of today - here are a few samples of editorial and web design work.

MSN, MSW & Microsoft News Center
Microsoft News Center / MSW Photo editing and illustration supporting the Microsoft News Center press portal and company intranet.
MSN News Photo selection and editing supporting news, features and the MSN Latino partner site.
MSN Entertainment/Music Celebrity photo galleries, Music news items, articles and "listening booths" for new and upcoming releases.
2008 China Olympics Photo selections running on MSNBC Home page Silverlight banner.
NWSource / Seattle Times
Seattle Times Feature photo assignments and neighborhood galleries
Microsoft Press
ResourceLink Devoted to the IT professional
Microsoft Press Online Sales and Marketing of Microsoft Press book titles.
Home Showcase A Mac disk mailer, built as a demo for online architectural services.
International Design Conference IDCA presentation, built in Director.
Misc Web Projects
Thursday Pub Review Weekly reviews of Seattle area pub dining.
Egads Photo A photographer's web portfolio.
LLGM LLGM is a national mission society.
Early Web
Windows, the Web & You A site devoted to explaining web fundamentals to new users.

New Media
These items feature "new media" elements such as 3D rendering, digital audio and video, animated GIF, SurroundVideo, QuickTime VR and other snippets built either as special effects or navigation elements. Animated GIFs and QuickTime pieces can be viewed on Mac & Windows platforms.

Animated GIF, 3D modeling
Windows, the Web & You Animated icons for topic navigation
Sir Surfalot A variety of 3D and illustrated animations to accompany a randomly picked topic for a weekly article on the former Microsoft Homeuser site.
ActiveMovie Logo Logo illustrations for ActiveX department
Ultimate Site Logo Logo animation for Microsoft Games web site
UA Logo 3D Rendering for User Assistance for Internet Explorer

The following are samples of interactive instructional design presentations.

Multimedia Presentations
Windows HyperGuide A CD product introducing the multimedia Help features of Windows.
Windows 95 Animations highlighting aspects of the Windows 95 and Internet Explorer User Interface.


Here are just a few selections to sample. I create my images using traditional film with antique and "toy" cameras as well - as well as digital photography. My fine art photography can be found (and purchased!) at these two sites:

In Camera
Seattle Times Feature photo assignments and neighborhood galleries
Selected Photos A selection of event, scenic and portrait photography.
ImageKind Gallery My online galleries at

A few samples of bitmap and traditional drawings.

Pixel & Pen
Paintbrush Examples of uses of basic bitmap drawing tools.
Masthead A banner for a local arts newspaper hand inked.